Palos Verdes: The Preservation of Nature and Natural History

Sitting along the southern-most extreme of Los Angeles County other than Santa Catalina Island, lies the Palos Verde Peninsula, where you can enjoy a stroll on one of the most beautiful paths in the whole country: the California Coastal Trail.

Enjoy ocean views for as far as you can see, before you come to the sudden realization that you’re standing on millions of years of history. Parts of the trail are thought to have been completely underwater around 120,000 years ago, which makes it home to a rich inventory of fossils. If you dug down underneath the ground, it is highly likely that you’d encounter everything from shark teeth and fish scales, to whale bones and the remains of animals such as mammoths, sabretooth cats and giant bison.

Lucky for those who live in and visit Palos Verdes, California, we have a land conservancy program who has been working over the 26 years to preserve the incredibly special native land that we are surrounded by. Over 1600 acres of land is being preserved by the Palos Verdes Land Conservancy, and this includes parts of the California Coastal Trail.

It is not difficult to miss the fact that more and more developments are engulfing more and more land, and with it the natural history of an area. Living in Palos Verdes means giving your children the opportunity to experience a harmless lizard in the grass, a majestic butterfly in the air, and the serenity of simply staring at a flower while listening to the ocean’s waves.

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