The many benefits of decluttering

Clutter, it’s so easy to accumulate and yet so difficult to get rid of. The longer you hold on to something, you become attached to it, and it’s harder to get rid of, even if you don’t use or need it anymore.

I’ve also noticed that the more stuff I have the more stressed out and anxious I feel. I don’t know where things are and sometimes I forget I have something altogether and accumulate another one! Eventually, all of my stuff just becomes part of the wallpaper and I don’t even notice it.

I’ve been watching a new show on Netflix titled “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” and I find it oddly addictive. The premise is simple; if an item you are holding on to doesn’t “spark joy” then it’s time to get rid of it. Spark Joy? I was curious about this idea so I tried it out. I started with my closet where I store all that extra “stuff”. Tools, sleeping bags, paint cans etc. None of it particularly joyful, however, there are items in there that I need and use and many items that don’t have a place in my life anymore. When was the last time I went camping? Um, well, it’s been awhile. The thought of getting rid of the sleeping bags (once I realized that I still had them) actually made me feel lighter and I guess a little joyful. Once I tackled that closet it was easy to move onto the next closet. That skirt I got on sale that’s itchy and doesn’t fit right, those Tupperware containers without lids, that pile of magazines and catalogs that’s been sitting on my desk for I don’t know how long. I donated it all. The thought that someone else might find a use for my stuff definitely sparks joy. It feels good to only have what I use and love. What I’ve noticed is that the less clutter I have the clearer my mind is for new ideas, new projects, and more fun. And I feel better. I’m not stressed out and anxious about all of the stuff I have. I’ve become more productive in my life and in my business. I’m also more thoughtful when I go shopping, no more impulse buys.

Marie Kondo’s techniques jump started me on my mission to clean out the clutter! So you might be thinking “where do I start”? Here’s my suggestion, break this project down into doable pieces, plan on tackling one space each week. Set up a calendar and a schedule to stay on track. For example, one week is kitchen sorting week, week two is the linen closet and so on. Once you start seeing and feeling the results it’s easier to stay on track to get it done. Stay on top of dishes, garbage, and left-out items every day to keep the clutter from creeping back in. Remember, it’s much easier to take care of today’s messes than a week’s worth of stuff, not to mention, you’ll have a beautiful, manicured home that you’ll be proud to show off to neighbors and friends alike.


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