Why You’ll Love Suburban Living in Palos Verdes

When it comes to living in California, there is always a decision to make regarding whether it’s better to live in the suburbs or to look for a home in the city. Here are a few reasons why living in the suburban area of Palos Verdes, California is the best decision you can make:

Living in the city comes with it’s fair share of pollution – this includes noise pollution, air pollution, and ground pollution. Big cities tend to produce a lot more garbage, have bigger vehicles such as buses and trucks going by more frequently. More people – more pollution. Suburban cities are known to have less pollution on all fronts, due to them being residential oriented and having less people.

It is estimated that the difference in housing size is an average of 300 square feet. Plus a higher chance of having a backyard and garage. Having a bigger home means more space for your family, your pets, and your guests. If you’re someone who enjoys quiet open spaces then Palos Verdes is definitely for you.

The suburbs provides lots of opportunity to choose to live a healthier lifestyle than in the big cities. For example, living in Palos Verdes means living close to all kinds of outdoor activities like surfing and hiking. Not to mention that less air pollution makes for healthier respiratory systems, and less noise pollution makes for a healthier state of mind.

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